PlayAmo Casino Affiliates Review

Our primary goal is to offer a competitive brand that meets the expectations of Aussie gamblers. We have the same objectives with our clients and our affiliates. PlayAmo’s business strategy is based on extensive research, including our clients’ reviews. We take them seriously, and that’s why they stay loyal.

If you consider the PlayAmo Casino partner program suitable for you, then we’re ready to make some appealing offers. You can take a look at our extensive selection of online games and pokies featuring innovative gaming technologies. We provide exclusive VIP options, bonus programs and tournament prizes. Moreover, we’ve enabled multiple options for instant depositing and convenient money withdrawals.

Playamo Affiliate Review

Benefits of the Affiliate program

PlayAmo is a well-established company with over 1,000 partners and five million players worldwide, including Australians. The backbone of our functioning is the partnership with our affiliates. That’s why we offer countless benefits, including excellent revenue share, individual CPA deals, simple and convenient payment methods, and consistent payouts.

  • We assign VIP managers to each partner to support, answer any questions, or deal with concerns. You can also address them if you need more promotional materials.
  • You will receive your payments regularly, once a month, no later than the 20th of the following month, given that you’ve earned more than AU $100.
  • By making a partnership with PlayAmo Casino, our partners can earn revenue shares ranging from 25 – 40%, according to the number of referrals they make. You can also select the CPA (cost per acquisition) offer in compliance with the affiliate manager, for which you will receive a commission for each new customer you bring.
  • We will compensate the one-off fee for each new client you introduce once they finish the registration process, make their first deposit of the smallest amount of money requested, and fulfill the minimum wagering requirements.
  • Moreover, our partners don’t need to stress about the negative account on their balance when they start a new month. Our partner program is known for incorporating the no-negative-balance principle.
  • Finally, the NetRefer platform that supports our Affiliate program is simple yet efficient to use for all online gambling affiliates.

Afiliate Program Benefits

How to Join PlayAmo Affiliates

Companies interested in becoming our partners need to follow a preset application form consisting of a few steps. The Affiliate Application is a pivotal part of the Affiliate Agreement, and the application itself features three segments: Account Information, Marketing Information and Login Details.

Although the Affiliate Application is pretty simple and easy to use, here is a list of the obligatory steps that need to be done:

  1. Go to our official PlayAmo partner website.
  2. Click on the red Sign Up button, located in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  3. First, you’ll have to enter your account information. The required details include your Affiliate/ Business name, email, country dial code, contact number and country.
  4. Next comes the Marketing Information. We’ll need your website name and website URL. You’ll also be able to select the category of your online site.
  5. Last come the Login details. You’ll need to enter a username and password, then confirm your password once again.
  6. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the Affiliate Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend reading them before continuing with the registration process.
  7. Once you’ve read them, check the acceptance box.
  8. Click the Submit button, and we will get your form.

How to join playamo affiliates

We will send you an email to let you know if your Affiliate Application was successfully accepted after a detailed review. The choice we make is irrevocable and not entitled to disputes.

We will then ask the successful applicants to supply the needed documents requested by the company to validate the Affiliate Application and the Affiliate Account information.

Affiliate program confirmation email

How to use Affiliate Banners

Banners constitute a vital element of any affiliate network for promoting services or products. Nonetheless, there are still companies that don’t realise just how meaningful their role is.

We, at PlayAmo, are trying to keep our online site updated and simple to use. The new appealing design offers the Australian players a better perspective of the site’s different components and easier access to the separate website blocks.

Primarily, we have moved the navigation bar, comprising a sign in, sign up, and several quick access tabs, to the left side of the homepage. Our front page features a big, eye-catching banner promoting our excellent welcome offer. Moreover, we have placed a well-organized menu bar, a search bar and the Unique Selling Points, including the bonus program, online games selection and money withdrawal system.

All our banners will be available to you after registration in your personal cabinet. You will be able to download them from there without any problems for use on your sites.

how to use affiliate banners

Main Terms and Conditions

The main terms and conditions of the PlayAmo Casino affiliate program consist of the obligations and the rights of the new and already existing partners, our responsibilities and rights, earnings and payments conditions.

PlayAmo affiliates must fulfil the following to be eligible for qualifying:

  • To keep the Partnership’s terms, authority, and title intact.
  • To complete all of the Partnership’s obligations and follow the rights given in this Agreement.
  • To share with us information that is reliable, comprehensive, and authentic.
  • To acquire and maintain the validity of all necessary permissions and granted licenses for performing the Partnership’s tasks, including the usage of Company Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To fulfil their duties while obeying all administrative and lawful requirements.
  • To confirm that all their actions are compliant with all relevant legislation, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • To completely understand and strictly follow the contract’s terms and provisions.

Main terms and conditions

Our responsibilities and remedies are as follows:

  • Supply our partners with all the necessary information and documents needed to put the Affiliate Links into action.
  • To approve every new customer referred by the affiliate, check their transactions while maintaining the authoring of not accepting new customers if needed.
  • Manage the earnings obtained by the links and supply the partner with Affiliate Account monitoring tools.
  • Keep track of the overall earnings earned via the partner’s links.
  • Compensate our affiliates for the members they bring.

If an affiliate partnership does not conform with our internal regulations, PlayAmo keeps the right to reject new applications or terminate an established partnership. Furthermore, if the affiliate breaches the Partnership, we may undertake necessary legal measures to preserve our interests, including ending the partnership.

Our partners’ primary obligations include the following:

  • To put in the maximum effort to actively and strategically offer, present, and advertise PlayAmo.
  • To promote PlayAmo, employing their own budget and time and at their own risk.
  • To assume complete management for all promotion aspects, including distribution, reliability, integrity, and ethics.
  • To comply with all applicable laws under the Partnership Agreement.
  • To be skilled, capable, and approved.

A few more obligations need to be accepted before our partners decide to join our network.

The conditions of the Agreement are subject to change at any point, with a notice issued to our partners’ email addresses.

The Affiliate Agreement shall start once you are accepted as a partner and will remain valid until either Party delivers the other notice in writing of its will to end the Agreement. Thirty days are needed for Agreement termination upon receiving such notification.

For clarity, the Company may cancel the Contract at any point upon prompt notice if the Affiliate fails to meet its responsibilities under the Agreement or if the Affiliate is inattentive.

Our website, which is reserved for our partners, has the whole terms and conditions section. You can type in the URL and select the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link from the top navigation bar to read more details.

What is the PlayAmo affiliate’s program?

The Playamo Partners network makes sure you turn your web traffic into cash simply for promoting our services and products.

What methods of cooperation offer the casino?

The affiliates of PlayAmo Partners can earn through the revenue share with a standard payment strategy ranging from 25% to 40%. Furthermore, Playamo Partners enables you to receive commissions by negotiating an individual CPA plan with one of the account managers.

What payment methods are accepted by the PlayAmo Casino Affiliates program?

Playamo accepts several payment options – VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards and several web wallets. You can also deposit money using a bank account, VISA/MasterCard credit cards, Skrill/NETELLER payment systems, or other payment options that are authorised in your name.