Terms and Conditions

As stated on this page, these terms and conditions form the whole, final, and specific agreement between our website and you (the user). These rules also replace and consolidate any and all previous engagements, statements, and agreements between you (the user) and our Website with respect to your participation in any gambling activities at the casino since your registration.

Regardless of the fact that this is an Australian casino, all users from around the world need to follow these terms and conditions.

terms & conditions


As a condition of signing up for a user account, you agree to the terms of the website’s privacy policy.

You should not register and log in to your account if you do not agree with our company’s terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and do not want to provide our Website with your personal data.

You and the company will have entered into a legal agreement by reading this privacy policy.

The casino has the right to update this policy from time to time.

We will try to keep you up to date on any valuable changes, but in the meantime, we encourage you to check back on this page occasionally.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy is implicit in your prolonged use of the Website and its services.


Who Is Able to Play?

Only players from states and areas where it is legal to practice online ad gambling may use this website. In order to visit and use our website’s services, you must ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and that gambling is not banned in your area.

You will not be able to bring a case against our company for any purpose whatsoever in relation to the abovementioned.

If a player breaks the casino’s Restricted Countries policy, the casino cannot guarantee that the player’s deposits or credits will be processed.

In order to play on the website, users must be at least 18 years old and meet the age requirements for online gambling in the region where they live. The user is solely responsible for learning about the jurisdiction’s age restrictions on online gambling before playing.

In the event that a user does not fulfill the company’s age verification requirements, the company may deny permission to use the Website or deactivate the user’s account, in its sole discretion.

who is able to play

Game Regulations

To take part in our games, Aussie players must certify that they are aware of and fully understand the terms and conditions of the games and software providers offered on our website. Users should be aware of the number of bets and deposits and the eligible payment methods for each game they choose to play.

Game Regulations

Additional fees and taxes

According to Australian and national laws in the countries where customers reside, the players aren’t solely liable for all taxes and fees incurred as a result of winnings and withdrawing. Thus, Aussies are obligated to follow Australian law.

Users who request a withdrawal after depositing money but before placing any bets forfeit their ability to get a reimbursement for their gambling expenses.

Before a player requests to withdraw any deposit, they must wager it three times.

additional fees and taxes

Users should be aware of the risks associated with money lost while playing on the website. Gamblers who use our website do so at their own risk, and our company will not be held responsible for any lost profits.

In order to prevent illegal access to player data, the company only shares it with third parties that are directly engaged in the provision of online gambling services. Despite this, the company is not liable for how other parties, such as third-party software suppliers or affiliates, use the information afterward. A user’s right to privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of any third parties to whom their personal data is disclosed.

In a rare situation where a bet is validated, or management proceeds with payment by error, we retain the option to either reverse the decision and cancel all accepted bets that contained the error or to fix the situation. One way to do it is by re-settling all bets at the right terms that should have been done when the bet deposit was placed in the absence of an error.

legal disclaimer

This includes but is not limited to technical issues, such as hardware or software issues, unreliable Internet connections, and other issues that may affect a user’s ability to access the Website or continue playing.

In the event of a technical problem, an error in the pay-tables, human error, or other reason, the casino may incorrectly credit your gambling account with a bonus deposit or payout that you do not own. The value of the bonus and/or the payouts from a certain bonus will stay in the casino’s possession and will be taken away from your gambling account as soon as technology allows.

Unless you had made a false withdrawal of money that you do not own before we became aware of the mistake, the amount of the incorrectly given credit will be considered a debt which you will owe to the casino. Regardless of whether or not you have taken any other legal action against us, in the case of an improperly given credit, you are required to contact us as soon as possible by email.

Your Gambling Account

Users may only have one gambling account on our website. Creating numerous gambling user accounts might result in account cancellation and suspension of all rewards. Remember that we maintain the right to refuse a refund request if an identical gambling account is found.

Gamblers must not give other parties, including minors, permission to use their gambling account or use the website in their name. The website is exclusively for personal use and cannot be used for commercial reasons.

The “nickname” box in the user’s profile cannot include any abusive or vulgar words. Support workers or other company employees may change the “Nickname” field to something appropriate if any breaches are found.

your gambling account

Repeated violations may result in account suspension and confiscation of all money. We may collect any refunds, wins, or bonuses earned by the user while the duplicate account was active. Players hereby agree to restore any cash taken from the duplicate account to us upon demand.

We retain the right to contact the user by phone at the number they provided when signing up an account, which we may find appropriate as part of the KYC process at our discretion with the purpose of confirming their identity. Until it has been completely validated, the account and/or any activities conducted inside it may be cancelled. In case a player fails the KYC process, we will take all reasonable steps to get in touch with the account user about the withdrawal of the money.

However, if we are unable to contact the user (by phone or email) within two weeks of the application for withdrawal, the user’s account will be locked, and the funds will be voided.

Making a Deposit

PlayAmo supports many different payment methods in accordance with our terms and conditions. They include debit and credit cards from Visa or MasterCard, as well as a variety of e-wallets. However, you may contact our customer service team at [email protected] to determine which payment options are most convenient for you in your country or region in order to proceed with depositing.

Please keep in mind that the minimum deposit amount is 10 AUD (€20 or $10). The maximum deposit you can make is determined by the payment option you choose to use.

making a deposit

Paying for services via a third-party’s bank card is strictly forbidden. Bank accounts, Visa/MasterCard bank cards, or other payment methods registered in the user’s own name are the only acceptable methods for depositing funds. PlayAmo will take your winnings and restore the initial deposit to the account holder if we decide that you have violated this rule during security screening. PlayAmo is also not liable for the lost money placed through third-party accounts.

For your benefit, CoinsPaid payment service deposits cannot be limited because of the basis of cryptocurrency. If you prefer to keep your casino spending under control, please consider some other payment method.

Anti-scamming policy

Our casino has a dedicated anti-scam regulation pattern. Players will be inspected if they are suspicious of engaging in any of the following:

  • Any type of cooperation with other slot players
  • Offering false personal data information during sign-up
  • The implementation of tactic games to make more winnings
  • Playing only safe roulette (betting equally on red and black and covering more than 25 numbers)
  • Facing bankruptcy in the region where the user lives
  • Chargeback methods with a credit or debit card or rejection of paying fees
  • Dishonest activities against other websites or payment software

Our company has the authority to cancel a user’s membership on our website and ban all winnings according to our terms and conditions. The user will not be alerted or informed of the reasons for such actions.

In addition, the company maintains the responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities about the user’s illegal behavior.

anti scamming policy

Chargeback Policy

In the event of a chargeback, our company is allowed to take all of the following actions:

  1. Claim financial damages from the user by notifying them through one of the ways given during the enrollment process (mobile phone, e-mail, etc.).
  2. The user’s membership will be canceled and/or dismissed, with all and any rewards achieved due to the attempted action.
  3. The user will be charged with a fee of an equal amount to the user’s accessible balance funds to make up for the liability and expenses that resulted from the chargeback.

Our management team will contact the user if they consider it important or necessary.

For the account to be validated and the player’s winnings confirmed, a manager must be contacted using the mobile number given on the registration on our website.

The company has the right to cancel a membership and take profits if the provided mobile number is incorrect or missing, eventually leading to suspicions of a scam.

The user’s account will be deactivated and the gains taken if they don’t complete the process within one week.

In the long run, these measures may help to decrease the risk of scams and other harmful behaviors occurring in the first place.

Promotions Abuse

It is in the casino’s authority to close and forfeit any winnings accrued by a user if they have a separate account with promotion and bonuses, the same name, or several registrations in a single website browser.

We have the power to close any profile and withhold wins if a customer uses signup free spins despite the fact that their country of origin differs from their Internet address. This is done to prevent any future undesirable practices.

It is PlayAmo’s responsibility to invalidate bonuses and wins for clients who are suspected of mistreating promotions.

promotions abuse

A promotion is being abused if any of the following conditions occur:

  • By placing maximum bet deposits in high-variance slots, a player can increase their balance.
  • If stakes are reduced following a major win, the user switches to games with lower volatility on our website.
  • Not making actual cash deposits, but only using bonus offers and promotions to fund their deposits.

The casino does not tolerate benefit play in any form.

If a user attempts to exploit the welcome bonus offers or any other promotions on our website, our company reserves the right to withdraw bonuses and any profits earned due to that action.

Withdrawal Policy

In order to make a withdrawal, you must have at least $10 in your name.

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn varies depending on the form of payment you choose. Some payment services may limit the amount of money that players can withdraw, which means that the withdrawal will be transferred in parts.

Even though some payment methods may need up to three days to complete a withdrawal request, your payments will be handled as quickly as possible.

If you have made a deposit using a debit or credit card and the amount of your withdrawal is the same as or less than the value of your deposit, our company can refund the amount of your withdrawal to the bank card you used to make the deposit.

withdrawal policy

If the total amount due exceeds the amount originally placed, the difference will be charged using one of the other payment options to make the withdrawal.

Our Website holds the right to verify your identity before approving winnings and suspend any refunds or withdrawals pending the completion of the identity verification process.

If you supply fake private information in the verification process, your withdrawal request may be denied, and your membership may be cancelled. You will be notified through email in case this is the issue.

It may be necessary for us to notify the authorities if the user doesn’t respect these terms and conditions about withdrawing the money or the age verification.

Return Policy

The user must submit a withdrawal refund request within a time frame of 24 hours of the claimed transactions or within 4 weeks if the user declares that yet another user has gained entry to their user account.

Suppose a user has funded their gambling account with a debit or credit card. In that case, our company has the right to refund the requested amount of withdrawal money, considering it’s the same amount as the one the user had withdrawn.

If the overall withdrawal amount surpasses the entire amount of the user’s deposit, the rest of the funds will be reimbursed via one of the other payment options our company offers.

return policy

If you request a withdrawal refund, any bonus and winning profits on your name will be deducted from the total to be repaid before the reimbursement can be approved and sent.

In case any credit or debit card payments are found to represent an unnecessary risk for safety or legal reasons by our company’s payment services or by the casino, we shall begin a withdrawal refund for each of these payments back to the credit or debit card. The casino representatives will inform all relevant authorities and parties in the procedure.

The user is responsible for any charges or fees that may occur as a result of the withdrawal refund process.

Account Activity

User’s accounts that have not been active for a year or more on our website are considered to be inactive (dormant).

If the casino deems your user account inactive, you may be charged an administrative fee of €10 or the equivalent amount in another currency (or the same amount as the account balance) each month. This price will be applied as long as your account balance is positive. The user will be able to reactivate the account at any time, and the cost will no longer be deducted from their balance.

account activity

Filing a Complaint

Australian users can notify our customer service team by following the instructions provided on our company website if they have any complaints or concerns about our services or terms and conditions.

The support team handles complaints at first, and if that does not work, the complaints are referred to the casino’s management.

The status of the user’s complaint on our website will be answered in a rational way.

Only a user that has an account can initiate a complaint against the casino.

The complaint cannot be sold, given away, or otherwise transferred to a third party by the user.

filing a complaint

The casino can ignore a complaint if the issue is related to a third party and not the user that owns the account.

In the event of a conflict, the server log data and registrations will have the final say in deciding the outcome of any claim.

To avoid any confusion, if there is any significant difference between the results that they see on the screen and those that show up on our servers, the user agrees that our files will be the final authority in deciding the terms of involvement and results of the participation in the appropriate internet gambling activity.

The casino representatives can use any customer’s account contact information to get in touch with the user if we need to resolve this disagreement.

Personal Information

We aren’t allowed to use your personal information without your knowledge and consent. Nonetheless, we will be collecting some data about your interests on our website software.

We also reserve the right to use third-party service providers to provide technical assistance, process online payments, and source casino content.

Suppose our website discovers that a user has engaged in any sort of possible fraud, such as payment scams, manipulating in the games, delivery of untrue private information, laundering money, or the use of stolen credit cards. In that case, the company reserves the right to reveal the user’s personal data to any third party or release that information to the public.

Personal Information

Your Data

We are obligated to protect the personal data that you provide in the registration process for your Australian casino user account.

We strive to protect every personal information you give us in accordance with laws and our company’s terms and conditions.

We are committed to delivering safe services to players and will make all reasonable efforts to keep your data safe.

your data